Interview findings

Interviews have now been completed. I managed to do eleven interviews – a small number due to resource and time restraints. The findings can therefore only present a snapshot. This is sufficient for the short EPIC project but we much hope that we can do more of this work in the future to inform our preservation activities. It has been a very interesting exercise.

Findings in short:

No tolerance to change was shown for the object coherence, the character content and that the content would remain readable for machines and humans. For the scientists this also applied for the structures of tables and equations.

Very little tolerance was shown to change in the document structure and colour depths in figures. For the scientists this also applied to captions of figures, tables and equations and the position of equations.

High tolerance to change was given to the appearance of font type and size, to the behaviour of urls, jump references, scripts and security mechanisms (no interviewee applied these).

The spreadsheet including the interview outcomes is available on the project webpage.

Findings will be presented in more detail in final report.

Barbara Bultmann, DSpace@Cambridge

Next Steps

Right, I am now handing the data over to David to be put into the Plato tool. I am sure we will revisit the primary data at a later stage. I am looking forward to reviewing it when we have a suggested preservation action plan. I wish to check how the anticipated results are in line with the expectation of the interviewees. (I hope I’ll get a chance to do this within the scope of the project anyway.)


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